We’re Pixite, a dedicated team of designers and engineers from San Diego, CA. We make great tools for mobile photo editing.

Scott Sykora

Lead Developer

Scott has developed and designed for iOS since the SDK was released in 2008. Scott has a Masters in Interaction Design and has worked as a designer and software engineer on many different platforms.

Eugene Kaneko

Product Manager

Eugene has designed and developed medical devices, custom data acquisition systems, award-winning consumer gadgets, and software on various platforms. He is all about great user experience. Go Bears!

Rich Chang

Developer / Business Strategy

Rich has designed and developed social websites, quantitative trading systems, RFID software and a mobile game with a flying rabbit. In 2009, he made iOS development his main focus. He earned a B.S in Computer Science from Tufts University.

Ben Guerrette

Creative Director

Ben is a creative technologist who has produced experiential multimedia applications for entertainment, performance and public consumption. He strives to empower artists with new and unique tools for creative expression.

Kyle Stewart


Kyle is a full stack developer that has focused the last few years on iOS development. He was writing creative photo apps even before joining Pixite. Ultimately he believes that writing code isn’t as important as solving problems and creating great experiences.

Ryan Harter

Android Developer

Ryan has been developing for Android since the 1.0 days. He’s built many high profile apps, and really loves making apps that users love to use.

Jose Reynoso


Jose is a Pixite advisor and a CONNECT entrepreneur-in-residence. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and is currently the President and CEO of Varigate Communications. He brings to Pixite an extensive background and insight in business and finance.

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