Pigment is an amazing coloring book app created by Pixite Apps.

Get Started with Pigment – Coloring Tools

Eugene Kaneko — October 19, 2016

Pigment has a wide assortment of coloring tools that you can’t find in other coloring book apps. Getting started is easy.

What tool am I using?

iPhone: Tap on the Brush or Fill icons to access their menus (pane 1). An arrow will appear to the left of the selected brush or fill.

iPad: Tap the Brush Menu button at the bottom left. An arrow will appear to the left of the selected brush.


tip iconIf you’re using a stylus or the Apple Pencil, start with the default Color Pencil tool. If you’re using your finger, start with the tap-to-color Paint Bucket tool.


How do I color?

Take a look at your current tool. If you’re using the paint bucket, tap anywhere to color. You can even drag across the screen and color in a bunch of regions at one time.


If you’re using the colored pencil or any of the brushes, you’ll automatically stay in the lines. If you want to draw outside of the lines, tap the “Freehand” button at the bottom of the brush menu.