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Making Infographics With Assembly

Cayce Garrison — November 30, 2017

We are going to take a look at infographics in this quick tutorial. Assembly is a great tool to create infographic elements and even entire infographics thanks to the addition of the Type tool. With the tools available in Assembly you can create very simple icons with the shapes offered or more intricate elements that explain a larger story.

To show how easy it is let’s create a simple water cycle infographic.

We will start by picking our color palette and laying out a circle.

I just want to use stroked circles so I select the color and thickness of the stroke I want.

I place my circle on the left and copy it. With the copied circle placed at the top, I select both and copy the pairing.

With a quick rotation and placement of the pairing I now start on the illustrations. To represent water I select the wavy line from the Strokes shape panel.

I size the stroke to my desired size and increase the stroke thickness. I make a duplicate of the first line and place it below.

Since I am starting with the evaporation stage I need some more shapes to represent that. I began by copying the same stroke I’ve been using and shrink it. After a rotation and some duplicates of itself placed above the water I now have my evaporation stage created.

With the help of some cloud shapes from the Wilderness pack I begin to layout the condensation stage. I change up the colors of the clouds so I don’t have a big blue blob.

With the clouds all laid out I then select them all and group them. This allows me to easily center them in the circle. With condensation finished I move on to the precipitation phase. I only need a couple clouds for this.

Instead of creating a bunch of rain drops I just select this poke-a-dot pattern from the Wilderness pack to represent rain. I resize and then group with the clouds to assist in centering the graphic.

For the starting point of the water cycle, I copy the lines I created in the evaporation phase and add a third line to represent the water.


Now with the main illustrations completed I’ll create some arrows to show the cycles direction. A few lines from the Strokes pack is all I need to create them.

With the illustration complete I am going to add some text to identify each phase of the water cycle. I tap the Text tab at the bottom of the screen and type Evaporation. With Assembly’s text tool you can change the font and letter spacing easily.

With the rest of the labels added to the phases I now have a completed water cycle infographic. From here you can save it as an SVG if future modification will be necessary in Illustrator or another vector based editor or you have the option to export it as a PNG or PDF.

With Assembly you can quickly create a simple or detailed infographic to help explain your topic. Share with us what you used Assembly to create for your project.



Cayce Garrison
Pixite Content Manager

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