Pigment is an amazing coloring book app created by Pixite Apps.

Support: Back Up Your Project File Using Mail and Dropbox

Cayce Garrison — August 1, 2016

Accidents happen. To insure that you don’t lose that amazing design you spent hours or days working on we want to show you how to backup the colorable file. There are a few ways to go about that so I will show you the process to backup your design using the Mail App and Dropbox. I’ll use the cover I created for the Transportation book as an example.


Backup Using Email

Step 1: To begin you’ll have exit the coloring page and select “My Work” at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2: Find the design you wish to back up select “Edit”


Step 3: Selecting “Edit” will allow you to select the design for export.


Step 4: After your design is marked select the “Export” button. It is the icon with an arrow coming out of a box. A window will pop up and then select the “Mail” icon.


Step 5: Email it to yourself or to someone you would want to have it. (In some cases, due to the complexity of the coloring, the files will not fit in an email. This is when a cloud storage service would be necessary ie. iCloud, Dropbox) From there you can save your file wherever you want to keep it safe. Next I’ll go over how to take the colorable file that was just emailed and open it back up in Pigment.


Retrieval From Email

If you decided to send yourself the file or someone sent you a file this is the process to open it up in Pigment.

Step 1: Open up the Email App. (Please ignore my massive amount of emails)


Step 2: Find and open up the email. Then select “Tap to Download.”


Step 3: After the file is downloaded a window will pop and give give you the option to “Copy To Pigment.” Select that and Pigment will open up to the design that was sent ready to be colored some more.


Backup Using Dropbox

At Pixite Apps we like to use Dropbox for our cloud storage needs. Here I will show how I store the colorable files in Dropbox for safekeeping. For this to work you will need to have the Dropbox App installed on your iOS device.

To begin follow Steps 1 through 3 from the Mail Backup process to bring up the window that gave you the Mail icon option. Instead of selecting Mail select “Save to Dropbox.”

backup_dropbox_1.1-01Step 4: Another window will popup for you to select where in Dropbox you want the file saved. Since this a cover we will use in Pigment I chose our Pigment Covers folder. After selecting that folder I press “Save.” (Pigment automatically names the file project_1.pigment so if you’re backing up multiple designs will have to rename the file in Dropbox or else you could save over it with a different design.) (In some cases, due to the complexity of the coloring, the files will take a minute or two to upload so make sure your device does not go to sleep or the upload could fail.) Now your file is safely stored in Dropbox waiting for when you need it again.


Retrieval from Dropbox

Retrieval of the file from Dropbox is just as quick as the Email retrieval.

Step 1: Open up Dropbox


Step 2: Find the folder you saved the file in.


Step 3: Find the file in the folder. When file is highlighted select the icon with the three circles.


Step 4: A dropdown will appear. Select “Export.”


Step 5: A familiar window will appear. Select “Open In…”


Step 6: The option to “Open to Pigment” will appear. Select it and Pigment will open up to file ready to be colored.


Losing something you put a lot of effort into is never fun so I hope this tutorial helps keep your designs safe.



Cayce Garrison
Pixite Apps Content Manager