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Tutorial: Creating A Mandala In Assembly To Color In Pigment

Cayce Garrison — October 6, 2016


We have mentioned Assembly before in regards to how it’s a great tool to automatically backup your designs in Pigment. Now I’ll show you how to create your own designs in Assembly to color in Pigment.


To get started, make sure to download Assembly if you don’t already have it installed.  Once Assembly is open tap My Work from the bottom of your screen.



Next select New Project. A blank artboard will appear with a selection of shapes at the bottom. In the shapes panel you’ll find a variety of shapes that you can manipulate to create your designs.




Since I’ll be building a simple mandala I’ll start off by selecting a circle. To make the circle bigger tap and drag the circle at the corner until the circle is the size you want it to be.




Now that the circle is the size I want, I want to create the pattern that will go inside of it. Here I picked an elongated ellipse and increased its size to the length of about half the size of the circle.




I want another ellipse the same size so with the ellipse selected I then tap the Copy button on the lower right.




I’ll take the copied ellipse and drag it below the first ellipse so the points line up.




Now I want to create more of these ellipses rotating around the inside of the circle. To do this tap and hold the top ellipse while the bottom ellipse is select. Dotted lines will appear around them showing they are selected together. Now tap the Copy button to create another pair of ellipses.




I want to rotate this pair until they are perpendicular to the previous pair of ellipses. With the ellipses selected tap the Rotate button. This rotates them 45 degrees so you’ll have to tap it twice to reach 90 degrees. After they are rotated you’ll have to center them in the circle.




Now I want even more ellipses. While you have that pair selected select the previous two ellipses. The dotted lines will appear showing when they have been included with your selection. Now tap Copy to create another set and then tap Rotate once. Center that grouping in the middle of the circle.




It should look something like this. You might have to move it around a bit to get exactly where you want it. Now tap Done to release your selection.




The design doesn’t quite look like a mandala yet but we are getting close. Now tap on the white area of the artboard and drag to select all the shapes.




Once the shapes are selected we are going to outline the shapes. Tap the Styles tab from the bottom right. Then tap Stroke to bring up the Stroke menu. 




To create a stroke around the shapes drag the slider until you’re at the stroke thickness you want. I went about a quarter of the way along the slider.




Now I want to remove the Fill so I’m only left with the outline of the shapes. Tap Fill and then drag the slider from Opaque to Off.






Now it’s looking like a mandala. I felt that it still looked too simple so I selected a teardrop shape and placed it within the top ellipse.




I want the teardrop shape to be placed in all the ellipses so I follow the same steps as I used for the creation of the ellipses.






Once the teardrops are placed where I want them I need to then give them a stroke. I set the stroke thickness to the same size as the rest of the design.




You’ll notice that the stroke creates a point coming off the teardrop that extends past the circle outline. I want to keep the stroke inside the circle so instead of shrinking the teardrops I just tap the Rounded Edges button in the Stroke menu. Then I’ll go to Fill and remove the fill from the teardrops.





Perfect. My mandala is complete and ready to be imported into Pigment so I can color it.


To import my design into Pigment I need to first save the design to my device. I do that by tapping the Menu icon on the top left and then selecting Save to Library. Now a copy of my design is saved to the Library in my device.




Next exit out of Assembly and open Pigment. When Pigment opens, tap the Import button on the top left.




Tap Load Photo from the Import menu.




Select your design you want to import into Pigment. When you Save to Library from Assembly, you can find your design in the Camera Roll section of your device.




Once selected your design will open to the Crop & Rotate screen. You can make your design bigger or smaller or change the rotation of it here. Tap Next when you’re finished.




You’ll then be taken to the Adjust screen. Here the settings can thin or thicken the line work. It doesn’t have much effect with imports from Assembly so you can then select the Done button on the top right.




When you select ok you can now color your very own design.







We hope Assembly becomes a readily used to tool for you all to easily create your own designs and enjoy them in Pigment. Don’t forget to upload to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using @Pigment_app, #pigment_app and #assemblytopigment to show off your creations.






Cayce Garrison
Pixite Apps Content Manager