Pigment is an amazing coloring book app created by Pixite Apps.

Tutorial: Creating Starbursts in Pigment

Cayce Garrison — September 15, 2016

We have received a lot of feedback on the Feathers 2 cover asking how the artist created the little starbursts. They are really easy to create and are a great addition to your coloring pieces.

Here is artist Julie Baker-Szymanski showing us how it’s done.


Adding the starbursts is usually best to create when you have finished coloring your design. To create the starburst, first select white from the color pallet. You are going to want to use the Bloom Fill to start.


Zoom in to where you will be making your starburst and create a small bloom. You are going to want to have the Opacity at a high setting.


Once you’re happy with your burst, select the eraser and slide it down to the smallest size and have the Opacity at 60%. Now think of the eraser as a pen. We are going to draw a few lines with it, which really is just removing the background. Draw 4 lines coming out from the center to form a cross, don’t worry if they are not perfectly straight it’s the effect we are after. Draw another 4 lines but shorter this time, in between your other lines. Now add a few little dots at the end of each line leaving a little space between.


That’s it, a starburst is made.


Continue this process around your design adding bursts. This technique is also great for adding reflections and detail to shiny objects. Make sure to show us how you used starbursts in your design! Upload to Instagram and Twitter using @Pigment_app and #pigment_app.


– Julie Baker-Szymanski