Pigment is an amazing coloring book app created by Pixite Apps.

Tutorial: Sand and Wood Brushes

Cayce Garrison — November 3, 2016

A few weeks ago we showed you the new Splatter brush and the updated Metallic Fill. Today we will focus on the last two recently added brushes: the Sand brush and the Wood brush.

Sand Brush

To begin I am going to use the design that I started when I was showing you the Splatter brush.


Before I start coloring, I rotate the design so that when I make diagonal strokes the lines follow the incoming tide.


I start off with a light beige tone for the base layer of color. Make sure not to miss the little patches of sand inside the water.


A quick zoom into the detail of the Sand brush shows the varying texture it lays down.


Next I’ll select a medium brown and lower the opacity to add in the areas of sand where the tide has come in and made it wet.


After a little clean up I now have a realistic looking beach to go along with my Splatter brush ocean.


Wood Brush

The Wood brush has been a great addition to add quick detail to wooden objects and trees.


For this design from the Trees book, I’ll select a medium brown as a base color and fill in the tree.


The great feature about the Wood brush is that when you’re adding shading or highlights, the wood pattern won’t change but the color still will. This stops the design from becoming too cluttered. I’ll now go in and add some shading for where the branches are casting shadows.


Depending on the time of day you want your piece to be set in, you can add highlights to the branches. For my piece I am leaving it highlight free.



These are just a few ways you can utilize the Sand and Wood brushes. We hope you have been enjoying them and make sure to show us how you use these new brushes in your design. Upload to Instagram and Twitter using @Pigment_app and #pigment_app.




Cayce Garrison
Pixite Apps Content Manager