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Tutorial: How to Upload Designs Using the Import Feature

Cayce Garrison — September 1, 2016


Since Pigment was first released users have requested the ability to upload their own designs, whether it be from coloring books they own or pieces they designed themselves. Well the wait is over. Now you have the ability to color designs you’ve scanned, free downloads found online, or pictures taken with your device. In this tutorial I will go over the process of importing a design from Dropbox. This process will also work with any image found on your device.

To access the Import feature you’ll have to select the Import icon found at the bottom of your screen.


An Import prompted will appear asking how you wish to import a design. Since I keep designs in my Dropbox I’m selecting that button. (Load Photo will work for those who have designs on their device.)


iCloud Drive is the window that will appear but since I don’t store the designs in iCloud I need to select Locations.


From the drop down I select Dropbox.


Once you find where your design is stored, select it and then select Done.


Pigment will open the file and gives you the option crop and rotate the design if it is needed. Once it is to your liking select Next.


You will then be given the option to adjust the output of the design. This tool is more effective if you’re importing an image taken by a camera or scanner. Since this design is a black and white jpg I’ll leave the setting at Light. Once you’ve chosen the setting you prefer select the green checkmark on the top right.


Now your design is ready to color. The more defined the linework is the better Pigment manages your image.


We really hope everyone takes advantage of the Import feature and see the new possibilities this opens up. Remember to show off your work and tag your posts with @pigment_app and #pigmentapp for a chance to be featured.




Cayce Garrison
Pixite Apps Content Manager