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A realistic coloring experience just like coloring with real pencils and paper!

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Pigment is the best coloring experience on iPad with the Apple Pencil

Enjoy the most realistic digital adult coloring book experience for iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil with Pigment. Color with pencil, marker, airbrush, paint brush and more. Take advantage of Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro with unique coloring capabilities that make your coloring pages look like the real thing. Pigment is the best app for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Coloring with the Apple Pencil on the iPad in Pigment, the best adult coloring app, takes advantage of the Apple Pencil's capabilities. Pressure sensitivity allows you to color as light or as dark as needed for your coloring details. Add shading with a simple tilt of the Apple Pencil just like real colored pencils.

Pigment Features:

Coloring with 8 Brushes

Realistic coloring with 8 different brushes

adjust Thickness

Adjust thickness and opacity of each brush

19 Color Palettes

19 beautiful color palettes to select from

Apple Pencil Support

Full pressure and tilt support for Apple Pencil

100+ Free Designs

100+ designs to get you started right away

500 Coloring Pages

Library of over 500 coloring pages with subscription

Various Styles

Various styles including, Mandalas, Floral, Animals, Landscapes, Creatures and many more

Color Shade Control

Innovative shade control to find the perfect color for your design

Start coloring with the best app for iPad and Apple Pencil

  1. Download Pigment now to iPad
  2. Choose a page to color from the large collection of coloring books
  3. Select a color palette that represents you
  4. Choose your brush type, Pencil, Marker, Brush or another favorite
  5. Color your design any way you like using the iPad and Pencil!
Coloring UI
Coloring Brushes
Coloring Palettes

Eight Unique Brushes:



The 'Pencil' style looks just like a real colored pencil and responds to pressure and direction of the Apple Pencil.

Fill Tool


Tap to Fill makes it easy to quickly color lots of shapes and set up a basic color scheme.



The Marker style works like a felt-tipped marker giving you a full, bright color and a clean texture.



The Airbrush style lets you create smooth blends of colors and shades. It responds to pressure of the Apple Pencil.



The Circle brush lets you create perfectly clean lines and colors.



The Brush style lets you paint with a bristled brush texture and responds to pressure and direction of the Apple Pencil.

Linear Gradient


The Linear Gradient lets you control a perfectly smooth blend across your artwork.

Radial Gradient


The Radial Gradient adds depth with a round smooth gradient.

Coloring Book Example 1
Coloring Book Example 2
Coloring Book Example 3

The Best Coloring App for iPad and Apple Pencil

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