Welcome to the world of Pigment.

Take a break and relax with Pigment, the ultimate coloring book app.

Getting Started

Pigment is a free to download app with over 2,200 designs and over 21 brushes and fills.

To unlock all the designs and features of Pigment, an affordable subscription is required. Once you’ve chosen the plan that works for you, you will be able to unlock your true coloring potential!

Upsell Screen

Icon Glossary

Before we dive in, let's review the different icons you will find in Pigment.

Premium Access Icon

The Premium Access icon designates the content that will unlock after subscribing to a premium account.

Books Icon

Books will take you to the opening screen in Pigment. The Books screen is where to find the newly released books as well as the entire library.

Pages Icon

Pages will open the library where you can browse through the different categories and view the designs within each book.

MyWork Icon

My Work stores all the designs you completed or started.

Favorites Icon

Favorites keeps track of the books you have favorited to easily find them.

Import Icon

Import designs you have created or downloaded.

Info Icon

Info - Find information, tutorials, and how tos.

Back Icon

The Back icon will return you to the Pages Screen from the Coloring Screen.

Undo Icon

Undo your last brushstroke.

Redo Icon

Redo your last brushstroke.

Color Palette Menu Icon

Color Palette Menu - Choose from pre-made color palettes.

Brush Icon

Brush Menu - Select brushes you wish to use.

Fill Icon

Fill Menu - Select the fill you wish to use.

Eraser Icon

Erase or lighten a colored area.

Settings Icon

Settings - Opens up the Settings panel.

Sample Icon

Color Sampling - Allows you to select a color already used in the design.

Table of Contents

  1. Books Screen Navigation
  2. Pages Screen Navigation
  3. Favorites Library
  4. Coloring A Design
  5. Sharing and Saving Your Designs
  6. My Work
  7. How to Backup A Design
  8. Import A Design

Books Screen Navigation

Books Screen

Pages Screen Navigation

Pages Screen

To search through a category that interests you, swipe up to scroll through the books.

When you’ve found a design you’d like to color select it and the coloring page will open.

Favorites Library

If you've favorited books, you can find them in your Favorites Library.

Select the book that interests you, and the coloring page thumbnails will appear for you to choose which design in that book you wish to color.

Favorites Screen

Coloring A Design

Learn the different tools and coloring modes and how to maneuver the artboard.

Coloring Screen Navigation

Edit Screen

Color Palette Menu

The color palette menu is where you find the colors to help bring your chosen design to life.

Don’t remember which color you used previously? Look in Recent Colors or use the Sample tool by selecting the color in your design you want to use again.

Color Palette Screen

Sampling Tool

To use the Sample tool, tap on the color you wish to select. A sample bubble should appear showing the chosen color. Once you've decided on the color you want to use tap Done.

Sample Screen

Brush Menu

In the Brush Menu you will find the available Brushes and Fills. Toggle between them using the dropdowns.

Brush Screen

Eraser Tool

Nestled between the Fills and Brushes is the Eraser tool. You are given the same Opacity and Brush Size options to tailor the Eraser to your preference.

Eraser Tool

Settings Menu

In the Settings Menu you will find the different Color Modes, but we'll review those in the next section.

Brush Settings Menu

Coloring Modes

With two coloring modes you can tailor your coloring experience.


Color any area and Pigment with automatically keep your coloring within the lines of that area as long as you don’t lift up from the screen.

Automatic Mode


No limitations, just the freedom to color however you want.
Perfect for small areas or filling in large sections of a design.

Freehand Mode

Maneuvering Your Artwork

A few easy gestures help you to position your design for easier coloring.


To enlarge the design for easier coloring of small areas you’ll use your index finger and thumb to zoom in and out.



To rotate your design you’ll use your index finger and thumb. Place your fingers on the screen and turn to rotate the design.



To move the artboard around the screen, use two fingers. You can then move your fingers in the direction you wish to move the design.


Sharing and Saving

Learn how to share and save your designs.


When you’re done with your design, Pigment gives you the options to share your design.

To access this window, select the checkmark icon on the top right.

From the options given you can now share your designs with your friends directly or through social media.


My Work

Learn how to delete designs to free up space, copy designs, and access the backup feature.

My Work

To find all the designs that you’ve started or completed, the My Work screen is where those are stored.

My Work has several other useful features that allow you to Copy, Share, and Delete your designs. To access these options, tap and hold the design you wish to use. A new menu will appear giving you access to those options.

My Work Screen

My Work Screen Navigation

My Work Navigation

Backup and Retrieval

Learn how to backup designs and how to open them back up into Pigment.

Backup a Design

A great feature Pigment offers is the ability to backup your coloring files.

Pigment creates a .pigment file that is only accessible through Pigment. To backup a design, you will have to select it through the My Work screen. Using the Backup option, select where you would like your design saved. You can use Google Drive, an email, or most other cloud storage options. For this example we will select Google Drive.

Backup a design

Backup Continued

Once Google Drive is selected you will be given the option to rename the file. When you are finished select Save. Now your beautiful design is safely backed up.

Backup with Dropbox

Backup Retrieval Google Drive

To open a design that has been backed up, start by finding the design in your Google Drive.

Once the design is selected, tap the More button and select Export.
You'll be given the option to select Pigment. Once Pigment is selected your design will then open in the coloring screen.

Retriving a design from Google Drive

Backup Retrieval from Email

If you backed up your design using email you will have to go into the email and select Download.

Once the file has completed downloading, swipe down to reveal the notification. Select the download, then select Pigment to open the file.

Retriving a design from your email


Learn to import designs from your device, taken by your camera, or stored in a cloud service.


Pigment allows you to import photos and designs you’ve created or purchased.

Two avenues of importing are offered.

Load Photo

Color images you have stored on your device.

Take a Picture

Use the device's camera to take a picture you wish to color.


Load Photo: Crop & Rotate

When using Load Photo, Pigment will open your device's gallery.

  1. Select the image you wish to color
  2. The Crop & Rotate screen will open. Here you can position the design to your preference. (Zoom in and out the same way as in the coloring screen.)
  3. Select Crop when you're finished.
Cropping an Imported image

Load Photo: Adjust

In the adjust screen you can change the thickness of the line work. There are three settings: Original, Light, and Bold.

You can zoom closer to better see the change in line thickness. For this example we will go with the Original setting.

Select Done when finished and the design will open in the coloring screen.


Take a Picture

Another option for importing is by taking a picture with your device’s camera.

This option is great if you have coloring books you want to color in Pigment.

Taking a picture

Take a Picture: Adjust

After you have taken the picture Pigment will take you through the same process as Load Photo. After you’ve gone through the Crop & Rotate screen you’ll move to the Adjust screen.

The Adjust screen settings affect the image a little differently than they do in Load Photo. Due to the nature of photographs there will be imperfections that the Adjust settings can exaggerate, for example, noise.

In our example we use the Bold setting.

Adjusting an image

After the Adjust screen you will be taken to the coloring screen.

Depending on the quality of your image you may be restricted to Freehand Coloring Mode. This is because the image quality wasn’t high enough for Pigment to define the lines and create borders.

Picture in the coloring screen